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4/3/2009 - Broc Tickle Checking In and Ready for Jacksonville


Hey Everyone:


Just giving you guys an update; it’s been a while. As you may have heard, I broke my jaw back in January. My first race back was Daytona. I started last and worked my way up to eighth. I was happy with this since it’s been two years since I raced a Supercross race!  Unbelievable when you think about it.


I put my head down and focused on my starts all week coming up to Toronto and went into Toronto confident and ready. In Toronto, I grabbed the Lites main event holeshot and ended up on the Podium! That's been my goal all year! I'm working hard getting ready for the Jacksonville Supercross. I will keep everyone posted on how things go at Jacksonville.


Thanks a lot,


Broc Tickle




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