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2/13/2013 - Dodge/RCH Post-Race Quotes from San Diego, CA on Broc's Ride


YOU HAD A GREAT START IN THE MAIN AND THEN THINGS JUST DIDN'T GO YOUR WAY: “Yeah. Broc got a great start and then I saw his body language change a bit.  He peeked behind him a couple of times and usually that’s a sign of nerves.  It was a bit of a defensive ride and he just tightened up.  He blew-up a bit early in the race and never really recovered.  It happens.  It’s just mental and he pumped up a bit.

“Broc really rode good all day, except for the Main.  He was fast in practice and had a really solid Heat race.  This track was really tricky and it had a whoop sections that was gnarly.  Just not our night in the Main Event.”

THE BETTER NEWS IS THAT BROC IS NOW 10TH IN RIDER POINTS:  “For sure.  That has been a goal of ours since we stumbled in Anaheim at the first race.  Despite the 11th-place finish tonight, we made another positive move in the rider points.  It’s a long season.  We’ll put this one behind us and head to Arlington next weekend.


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