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2/19/2013 - Dodge/RCH Broc Tickle Post-Race Quotes


BROC TICKLE (No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki Z450) Finished 10th
TALK ABOUT YOUR MAIN EVENT: “I felt that my Main Event ride was the best that I’ve had all year.  It stinks that I didn’t get the start that I wanted because I felt awesome in the Main.  We’ll take it.”

IT LOOKED LIKE THINGS GOT PRETTY JAMMED UP AFTER THE START: “For sure. Everybody was close in times so it was really hectic out of the gate.  If you made a mistake with the guy that you’re riding alongside you would get passed.  Tonight was good. I’m happy with how I rode.  I just need to keep improving every week.  We’ll keep plugging away.”

JUST HOW PRECISE DID YOU HAVE TO BE TONIGHT IN THE RHYTHM SECTION? “The one rhythm section just passed the start-finish line was really tricky.  It had a kicker in the triple at the end and a bunch of guys missed it.  I had a little incident there in the middle of the race that threw me sideways. I think I lost a position and had to fight back.  I’m happy with the way I rode.  We’ll keep getting the bike better every week.  I’ll take it.”


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