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5/25/2007 - Racer X's Privateer Profile: Broc Tickle


Story Written by: David Pingree


Original Publication 5/24/2007 by Racer X.



Cary, North Carolinas Broc Tickle was expected to do big things in 2007. The rookie rider didnt set the world on fire in the stadiums, though he did post some solid rides, including a fifth in St. Louis. At the motocross season opener in Sacramento, however, he laid down 8-7 moto finishes for eighth overall. We spoke with Broc while he was preparing for this weekends High Point National.



Racer X: Nice ride last weekend! Did you surprise yourself with those results?
Broc Tickle: Kind of. I just got a good start and just stayed strong the whole moto. I picked guys off as the moto went on. I guess that
s just where I ended up. I wasnt pushing too hard or anything, I was just trying to be smooth.


Did you get good starts both motos?
I think I came around the first turn in twelfth both motos. I
ve been struggling with my starts all year in supercross, so it was good to get those good jumps.


I think a lot of people expected to see more of you in supercross. Was there a big learning curve for you in the stadiums?

Yeah, I think so. I did okay at a few, but the others, I either had a bad start or a crash. The starts are so important because everyone is so close in speed.


How was your fitness last weekend?
It was good. The second moto, I started cramping a little, but I think that
s more diet-related. Were talking to a nutritionist about getting that straightened out. Other than that, I was fine. I mean, my tongue wasnt in the rear wheel or anything. I was fine.


The first race is tough on everyone.
Hopefully Ill just get better as the season goes.


Are you looking forward to getting back to some East Coast national tracks?
Yeah, I
ve ridden High Point, Steel City, and Millville, so I know some of those tracks. I definitely like the soil better out east.


Are you an outdoor specialist or is supercross something you like also?
I think I just need a little time with supercross. I
m comfortable outdoors because its fast and I really do like the ruts a lot.


Are you back at home now?
No, Im at Zach Osbornes house riding this week.


Are you staying with him all summer?
No, just for a few days this week. I
m going to Trettels house and then some other friends that have a sand track before the race this weekend. I have plenty of tracks to ride once I get home too.


Hows everything with your team?
Good. The bikes are really good. It is the fastest bike I
ve ever ridden. Everyone has been working hard, and it seems to be paying off. We have more support from Yamaha this year also, so things are really good.


Now that youve gotten a solid top-ten, what is your goal for the rest of the season?
My main goal for the series was to be consistent and finish top-ten in points. If I go race by race now and get the motos down and get good starts, I
ll be happy.


Are you good in the mud? We are going to High Point this weekend.
Yeah, I think I
ll be all right if it rains. Its rained every time Ive been there. I ride in that stuff enough that I should do fine.


What sponsors do you want to thank?
Lucas Oils, Yamaha, Fly Racing, Smith, Dunlop, and Vortex. And also I want to thank the team for their help. My mechanic quit right before Sacramento, so they
ve all been helping me out.



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