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1/3/2008 - Star Racingís Broc Tickle Training Hard for Supercross 2008


Star Racingís Broc Tickle is working hard to have his Supercross skills refined prior to his 2008 debut.Currently he is renting Davi Millsaps house and training with Colleen Millsaps since October 2007 and will go back after the holidays until Atlanta SX.


Broc's expectations for 2008 are to be top 5 and to get on the podium.  His family hasnít seen him ride since CA. in September.Colleen is telling his family that Brocís starts and overall riding has improved 100%.His family is very excited to see him race in Atlanta.  2007 Atlanta was Brocís first professional race and he hurt his ankle in practice and didn't even make it to the main.2008 looks to be much different.





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