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3/5/2008 - Broc Tickle Hopes to Be Riding Soon As Elbow Continues to Heal


Star Racing’s Broc Tickle was a no show for the first two rounds of the East Coast SX races and filled us in why.


“I didn’t get to race Atlanta, GA as I broke my elbow at MTF (Millsaps Training Facility) 6 weeks ago. Dr. Berg, who has done all of Carmichael’s, Millsap’s, and Townley's surgeries, did mine as well.


I'm going back to him next week before Daytona and hopefully he gives me the okay to ride soon! So unfortunately I will miss a couple races. I hope to make the last three Supercross races and the shootout!


Other then that everything is going great, the bikes working amazing. I've been working with my trainer, Clint for a couple weeks now getting my cardio and strength back up so I'm ready when Berg gives me the OK to ride.”


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