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6/27/2008 - Broc Tickle Recovers from Last Lap Crash at High Point - Currently 8th in MX Lites Points


Everything has been going really well. It has taken a few more races than expected for me to get back to normal from my elbow injury, but so far I have been doing okay at the Nationals. My main focus during the week has been consistently working to improve my starts and I'm looking forward to getting in the Top 5.


I was 7th in points coming into High Point, but a last lap crash in the second moto moved me back to 8th. DC was there to help me and my bike off the track and Augustine and the crew took great care of me at Asterisk. Doc Augustine said I pinched some nerves in my shoulder/back and that I had a "stinger”.  I've been seeing my chiropractor to get that worked out as well and it is feeing much better. My health is great and I'm more than ready for this weekend in Colorado!


Next time I will have much better news!


Broc Tickle 35.



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